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Web sites mentioning Synanon
Many of these links contain material critical of Synanon, of course, but they are all "grist for the mill" as we used to say.
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Synanon Separation Ceremony
1. Walker Winslow's first article about Synanon in MANAS - Pg 11
2. Walker Winslow gets into Chuck's LSD experiments before starting Syn.
3. Walker Winslow on Chuck's LSD Pg 13
4. Walker Winslow on imitation of Syn. Pg 11
Another Dave Mitchell article
Art Pepper Story
Bay Property today
Beauchene v. Synanon Foundation Inc. (1979)
Casa del Mar (Santa Monica)
Ceasar Chavez at Synanon
Communal Studies Association
IRS Discussion of Synanon case (Lawyers only)
Marconi Conference Center at the Bay
Merriam Webster New World Dictionary
People Magazine 1976
School Video (1968)
Sects and Death by William S. Burroughs
Serious discussion of Synanon`s place in the history of TC`s
Synanon Germany -- Still going (in German)
The 1967 Rolling Stone Concert
The Bay as a conference center
UCLA Archives
Videos Available
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